WhisperKOOL Platinum Mini Split Wine Cellar Cooling System

WhisperKOOL Platinum Mini Split Wine Cellar Cooling System


WhisperKool platinum mini split

Described in the simplest terms, a split system is a cooling unit wherein the evaporator unit and condensing unit have been “split” into two separate units instead of being contained within the same housing. The evaporator unit is located in or near your cellar, and the condensing unit is generally located outside, or in an attic or utility room.

The Platinum Series of split systems allow you to decide where the evaporator unit and the condensing unit will be located. The condensing unit can be located up to 100 ft. away from the evaporator unit. The evaporator unit will be mounted in the cellar or it can also be located nearby with ducting.

If you don’t mind seeing the grille of your cooling unit in your cellar, a wall-mounted split system is what you need. If you prefer your unit to be out of sight, you should get a fully ducted split system. The choice is yours.

WhisperKOOL has a solution to the most stubborn of small cellar cooling problems. The Platinum Mini Split offers a compact size paired with powerful efficiency. This compact system cools up to 500 cubic feet. The compressor is located in a remote location and the evaporator (cold side) is mounted in the cellar, maximizing cellar space. The unit is equipped with our Platinum Series controller, which utilizes Advanced System Protection Technology. This features a series of strategically placed monitoring probes, which ensure efficient performance and longevity of the unit. The controller is easy to operate and has features such as an anti-frost function. The Platinum Mini Split gives anyone the opportunity to have a top-quality wine cellar, even in a limited space. Our Platinum Mini Split system has been redesigned for easier care and maintenance. We’ve moved the evaporator coil to a more accessible location, creating a unit that can be maintained without removing it from the wall. This improved design will make servicing the system easier and help maintain peak operating conditions.



  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Advanced electronic control system
  • Standard and 24V thermostat options available
  • Condensing unit can be placed outdoors with purchase of exterior housing
  • 55ºF temperature differential



  • Cellar Size: 500 cu. ft. (Properly Insulated Cellar)
  • dBA: Evaporator: 51 Decibels
  •  Condenser: 65 Decibels
  • Dimensions: Evaporator: 20"W x 10.5"H x 13"D  
  • Condenser: 14"W x 10"H x 10"D
  • Weight: Evaporator: 25lbs  Condenser: 41lbs
  • AMPS (starting/running): Evaporator: 2/1  Condenser: 11/4
  • Installation: Evaporator is installed in the cellar, Condenser is installed up to 100 line ft. away
  • Temp. Delta: 55°F temperature differential
  • Thermostat: Digital Control Display
  • Warranty: 2 year parts and labor

Cold Weather Start Kit

WhisperKOOL is proud to present our cold weather start kit. This kit was designed exclusively for split systems which will be installed in extremely cold environments. Split systems can be installed in a variety of ways, and the condensing unit may be located in a mechanical room, basement, backyard, or even a rooftop. The condensing units which WhisperKOOL units use were designed to operate between temperatures of 20°F and 110°F. However, there are some areas in the country which may drop below 20°F in winter.

When outside temperatures drop, the pressure in the system drops as well. This presents a challenge, because our systems operate using a pump down cycle and use a low-pressure switch to turn the compressor on and off. However, when the temperature drops below 20°F, the pressure in the system is too low to start the compressor. The cold weather start kit bypasses the low-pressure switch on startup and uses heaters installed on the receiver to raise the pressure and allow the system to start.

The cold weather start kit enables WhisperKOOL to operate in environments as cold as -20°F.

It is important that the cooling system stays operational during cold weather conditions, as heating the house using the central HVAC system will indirectly increase the temperature of the wine cellar. This kit will ensure that the cooling system will continue to operate efficiently in cold weather environments to maintain an optimal wine storage temperature.


2 Years Parts and Labor

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