NewAir Froster 46 Can Freestanding Mini Beer Fridge in Stainless Steel

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If you like to store your favorite beverages just an arm’s reach away, then the personal NewAir Mini Beer Fridge Froster is exactly what you need. What is unique to a mini Beer Froster is that it brings beer down to a colder-than-most 23F, so you can chill brews, frost beer mugs and whisky glasses, or store mini kegs. You won’t have to wait for restocked beer to get cold; the chilly 23F temperature frosts beverages fast. For long term beverage storage, use the wide temperature range of 23-72F to preserve the flavor of every drink.  


1. Chiller-than-most 23 degrees

Our NewAir Mini Beer Fridge Froster  is one of the coldest beer fridges for your bedroom or man cave. You can keep mass market beers, frost beer mugs and whisky glasses or store mini kegs at this chilly temperature without having to wait for restocked items to get cool quickly.  

 2. Removable, Frost-Free Glass Shelves

Decked out with removeable and adjustable glass shelves, the NewAir Mini Beer Fridge Froster lets you hold rows of bottles or cans. The glass shelves stay frost-free under the coldest conditions. 

3. Compact Profile

The compact design of this mini beer refrigerator makes it the best beer fridge for your man cave or game room. Plug-and-play anywhere you need an icy cold beverage. 

4. Modern Design Features

Easily adjust the temperature with a digital display panel. The sleek, stainless steel finish gives off a modern look while also providing strong insulation to keep the frosty air inside.  


  • Chills down to 23 degrees  
  • Removeable, frost-free glass shelves 
  • Compact size holds 46 cans  
  • Easy touch digital display 
  • Sleek, stainless steel finish 

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