WhisperKOOL Slimline LS Series



We are happy to announce the first unit in our new luxury series (LS). The new Slimline LS has evolved into a unit that can cool at two capacities at the flip of a switch. We have added centrifugal blowers, which are significantly quieter and can also be set at a medium or low speed, larger coils for greater system capacity, and an improved condensate management system. The controller has been moved to the condenser side of the unit for easier access.

We offer a UV light upgrade to protect your unit from mold and an interchangeable decorative grille to customize the look of your luxury system.

The Slimline is one of our quietest and most compact self-contained cooling units. Slimline units were designed to be mounted in a living area and can be placed in the often-unused space between the cellar door and ceiling.  The Slimline fits snugly above your cellar door, out of the way, providing efficient cooling and a low sight profile.

KOOL is convenient.





Cellar Size:
Approx. 300 cu. ft. (low fan speed) and 650 cu. ft. (medium fan speed) when cellar is fully insulated and sealed with a proper vapor barrier (each wine cellar is unique and has specific cooling requirements; heat load calculations should always be performed prior to selecting a cooling unit)
BTU/h w/60°F air entering condenser coil:
Low speed fan - 2601/1961 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed - 3032/2413 (total/sensible)
BTU/h w/75°F air entering condenser coil:
Low speed fan - 2635/1951 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed - 2904/2309 (total/sensible)
BTU/h w/85°F air entering condenser coil:
Low speed fan - 2396/1870 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed - 2612/2158 (total/sensible)
BTU/h w/95°F air entering condenser coil:
Low speed fan - 2205/1704 (total/sensible) Medium fan speed - 2392/2008 (total/sensible)
21.5”L x 22.16”W x 10.33”H
Voltage Rating:
115V (20-amp dedicated circuit required); 230V (subject to availability)
81 lbs. without packaging, 90 lbs. with packaging
4.3 (running amps)
Drain Line:
1/2” ID clear plastic tubing (not provided)
Through the wall (above a doorway)
Advanced digital controller, liquid-temperature-measuring bottle probe (retractable cable)
Temp. Delta:
Can maintain a 55°F cellar temperature with up to 85°F condenser air intake temperature
Outside Venting:
Not recommended



2 Year Parts and Labor


BTU/h Rating