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Ultra Floor-To-Ceiling Backer Channel

Backer Channels for our Ultra Floor-To-Ceiling 1-Sided wine racking system (sold as a set).

The channel supports the location at the connection of the five-foot posts.

When creating a 2-sided wine rack, the HZ rails support the location of the connection, and a backer channel is not needed.

3D Tour

  • Adds additional support to Floor-to-Ceiling 1-Sided Wine Display
  • Sold as set
  • Available in Matte Black finish


Our Backer Channels are specifically designed for our Ultra Floor-To-Ceiling 1-Sided wine racking system (sold as a set). The Ultra Backer Channel supports the location of the connection between the two five-foot posts supplied at the time of purchase to ensure a sturdy support system for your wine display.


When creating a 2-sided wine floor-to-ceiling wine rack, the HZ Wall Rails support the location of the post connection, and an Ultra Backer Channel is not needed with these specific systems.


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