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Ultra Wine Racks Showcase Standard Horizontal Kits (66 - 99 Bottles)

Depth Options

The Showcase Standard Horizontal Kit is an ultra-sleek modular wine rack that holds bottles in a label-out bottle configuration while also maximizing storage space, and ensuring that your favorite wine bottles are preserved at the optimal storage angle.

This modern chic racking system utilizes high-quality precision-cut steel to store a wide variety of wine bottle sizes all on the same rack, and are available in two standard bottle depths (double deep, triple deep).

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  • Scratch and mar resistant.
  • Modern industrial matte black finish.
  • The Standard Horizontal Kit supports 66 to 99 bottles.
  • Telescoping posts designed for ceilings between 7-10 ft.
  • Display kits are modular and can easily be expanded left or right.
  • Available in two depth configurations – Double Deep, & Triple Deep


Our stylish Horizontal Row provides optimal viewing angles of your wine collection’s labels.


Naturally modern, incorporating a sheen-less matte black finish that is both scratch and mar resistant.


Designed to hold the bottle securely in place and allows the wine label to be viewed optimally.


The Horizontal Row is designed to hold 6-9 bottles depending on the depth of your row. We call this “double-deep”, and “triple-deep.”


The Horizontal Row can be mounted to a variety of surfaces utilizing multiple strategically placed mounting locations to ensure your wine collection is safe, secure, and stylish.


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