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WhisperKOOL Extreme TiR 3500 Fully Ducted Wine Cooling System


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At Wine Cooler Collection, we know that your wine collection is more than just a hobby – it's a way of life. That's why we're proud to offer the WhisperKOOL Extreme TiR 3500 Fully Ducted Wine Cooling System, the ultimate solution for wine enthusiasts who demand the very best.

Designed for reliable starting and running performance, even under the most extreme outdoor conditions, this cooling system is perfect for wine collectors who need to store their bottles in challenging environments. With the ability to be located up to 25 ducted feet from the cellar, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wine is being stored in optimal conditions, no matter where you live.

The WhisperKOOL Extreme TiR 3500 also features a remote digital display with a 50-ft. cable, making it easy to monitor and adjust the temperature from anywhere. And with the option for both standard and 24V thermostats, you can customize the system to meet your unique needs and preferences.

This system also features a 55°F temperature differential and quiet operation technology that delivers sound levels as low as 51 db, ensuring that your wine is stored in optimal conditions without any unwanted noise.

To top it all off, the WhisperKOOL Extreme TiR 3500 features a variable-speed fan and an optional UV-C Lighting System upgrade, keeping your wine safe from harmful bacteria and contaminants.

At Wine Cooler Collection, we're committed to providing our customers with the best products and the best service in the industry. With the WhisperKOOL Extreme TiR 3500, you can rest assured that your wine collection is in good hands, and enjoy the perfect glass every time. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in wine storage technology.


NOTE: WhisperKOOL does not provide a smart thermostat upon purchase of your Extreme tiR 3500. By selecting the 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit, you have acknowledged that the system will not be built with the standard WhisperKOOL control or liquid measuring bottle probe. You will have to source and purchase your own 24V smart thermostat to run the equipment. 


Cellar Size: 800 cu. ft.*
CFM: 256
Dimensions: 39.5”L x 22.5”H x 14.25”W (w/ duct plenums)
Refrigerant: R-134a
HP: 1.05
Voltage Rating: 115V (20 amp dedicated circuit required)
Weight (lbs): 115
Amps: 9 (running amps)
Duct Size: 8” Return • 8” Supply (evaporator and condenser)
Drain Line: 1/2” ID clear plastic tubing (10 feet provided)
Installation: Can be installed up to 25 duct feet away from the cellar.
Thermostat: Advanced digital display (50ft. cable), liquid-temperature-measuring bottle probe (50ft. cable)
Temp. Delta: Can maintain a 55°F cellar temperature with up to 110°F condenser air intake temperature
Outside Venting: Can be done if the outside temperature does not exceed 110°F, the external grille cover is highly recommended.


Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual w/ 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit

Product Sheet

Ventilation Importance Video


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A limited 2-year product / 5-year compressor warranty is offered with all self-contained cooling units at the date of purchase.