WhisperKOOL Slimline Self Contained Wine Cellar Cooler - SL 3300

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WhisperKOOL Slimline Self Contained Wine Cellar Cooler - SL 3300


WhisperKool wine cellar cooling unit

The Slimline is WhisperKOOL’s quietest interior venting self contained unit available. Developed to mount in a living area and designed to fit into the often unused space between the cellar door and ceiling, giving the collector maximum storage capacity.

The system is equipped with WhisperKOOL’s Platinum Series controller utilizing Advanced System Protection Technology. This features a series of strategically placed monitoring probes, which insure efficient performance and long cooling unit life.

With efficiency in mind, the Slimline uses less power than most traditional units while having the ability to cool cellars up to 350 cubic feet.




wine cellar slimline unit system cooling sl2500 sl 2500



Cellar Size: 650 cu. ft. (Properly Insulated Cellar)

dBA: Evaporator: 59 Decibels

Condenser: 53 Decibels

Dimensions: 22"w x 10.25"h x 19"d

Weight: 50 lbs

AMPS (starting/running): 30/4.9

Installation: Through-the-Wall, ideally above a doorway

Temp. Delta: 30°F temperature differential

Thermostat: Advanced Digital Control



2 Years Parts and Labor

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