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Whynter 92 Bottle Built-in Stainless Steel Dual Zone Compressor Wine Refrigerator with Display Rack and LED display

by Whynter

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The Whynter Stainless Steel Compressor Wine Refrigerator can hold up to 92 standard wine bottles (40 bottles in the top zone and 52 bottles in the bottom zone).

The compressor cooling system offers the perfect temperatures for red, white and sparkling wines. This cooler can either be a built in or freestanding. The premium appeal of this Whynter product is the stainless steel trimmed door with with a curved handlebar. The removable sliding shelves allow for customizable storage for different types of bottles. 


Digital Temperature Control
Designed with intuitive use in mind, this freestanding wine cooler comes equipped with a sleek touch screen control that lets you set the temperature to anywhere from 40ºF – 65ºF / 5ºC – 18ºC.

Dual Zone Storage
This unit features two distinct temperature sections allowing you to maintain specific temperatures for different wine varietals.

Display Wire Shelf
Showcase up to six (6) of your prized wine bottles with the display shelf that will store the bottles at an incline so they are visible from the outside. In addition, the display shelf is good for storing opened bottles of wine at serving temperature.

UV Protection
Prevent sun-inflicted deterioration through the protective coated tempered double pane glass door, designed to let you and your guests view your collection while protecting the wine from harmful ultraviolet radiation.


  • Freestanding / Built-in
  • 92 Standard Wine Bottle Capacity
  • Dual Zone Type
  • Compressor Cooling System
  • No Seamless Door
  • Reversible Door 
  • Security Lock and key
  • 40ºF-65ºF / 5ºC-18ºC Temperature Range
  • Celsius Option
  • 160 Watts / 2.0A Maximum Power Consumption
  • 54.75″ H x 23.5″ W x 22.25″ D (24″ D with handle installed) Unit Dimensions
  • 12 removable wooden flat slide out shelves



  • Capacity: 92 standard 750ml wine bottle
  • Product dimensions: 54.75″ H x 23.5″ W x 22.25″ D (24″ D with handle installed)
  • Net weight: 159 lbs
  • Built-In / Freestanding Installation
  • Dual zones for storing different wine varietals
  • Stainless steel glass door with sleek black cabinet
  • Luxurious curved handlebar
  • Tempered double-pane gray-smoked glass for enhanced UV protection
  • Adjustable thermostat for both zones (40F – 65F / 5C – 18C)
  • Reversible door swing
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius degree temperature indicators
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Interior lighting strip with 9 energy-efficient LED soft white light bulbs
  • Internal fan-forced circulation for even temperature distribution throughout the cabinet
  • Cylinder lock and two keys
  • Activated carbon filter
  • 12 removable wooden flat slide out shelves
  • Display shelf to store bottles at an incline for showcasing or open bottles
  • Voltage: 115V /60Hz
  • Power: 160 watts  / 2.0 Amps

User Manual